Closures and Holidays

Monday 23rd March 2020
The decision has been made. We are now closed until further notice.
We’d have been more than happy to carry on if we thought we weren’t a danger to others but the actions we witnessed on Saturday by stupid, ignorant people have made the decision for us.
Not, I must stress, our regulars. We were deluged by people we knew full were basically fleeing London. Second home owners who figured “essential travel only’ didn’t apply to them. They put our customers at risk and they’ve put our Health Service on the Island at risk.
It’s ironic that in order to protect those we care about we have to deny them what we said we’d keep on giving them.
We reckon that shortly, due to these morons treating no work and closed schools like a holiday come early that our decision may well be made for us.
But we shall return.
We’re personally not short of certain foodstuffs and we have too much time on our hands so the chances are only one of us will emerge when it’s all over, newly divorced and sausage or potato shaped. Have pity on me, I’ll be the bloke living destitute in the shed…
If you know of any our customers who may not be internet savvy so won’t know of this please let them know. Equally, seriously, we do have time on our hands, we are currently healthy as far as we know so if we can be of any use to anyone just holler.
Thanks. Over and out.


The two factors which influence our operations are severe weather and, being mobile, mechanical breakdowns.

Just to explain about the weather issue, we wouldn’t like you to think we’re jut softies who prefer to sit indoors when it’s a bit windy. Our cooking ranges rely on a natural draught / vortex principal to extract the fumes and heat. Under certain conditions, strong wind being the worse, the extraction doesn’t work to it’s fullest which results in a build up of heat within the ranges. This can, and some years ago did, result in a fire. Once bitten twice shy! We very nearly lost our business some years back due to this happening so please forgive us if we cancel when it’s very windy.

 In the event any such problem stops us working we’ll post it on this page the moment we know of it. Well also post a notice on our Facebook page keeping you up to date. A phone call to us will always give you all the information you need. 

Please refer to this page regularly, or our Facebook page as we will update it as and when necessary.

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