Closures and Holidays

Saturday morning, 15th February, 9am.
Sorry if this messes up any plans you have but we’ve made the decision to close all day today on safety grounds.
We’ve studied all the weather forecasts we can, it looks like it will be rather nasty later on when we’re out there – most airlines have cancelled – and we have no reason to think we know better.
If they’ve got it wrong and it’s not at all bad we apologise – blame the weather men!
Just spare a thought for the suffering we now face – the prospect of being finished early enough to have to watch Saturday evening TV…😱

The two factors which influence our operations are severe weather and, being mobile, mechanical breakdowns.

Just to explain about the weather issue, we wouldn’t like you to think we’re jut softies who prefer to sit indoors when it’s a bit windy. Our cooking ranges rely on a natural draught / vortex principal to extract the fumes and heat. Under certain conditions, strong wind being the worse, the extraction doesn’t work to it’s fullest which results in a build up of heat within the ranges. This can, and some years ago did, result in a fire. Once bitten twice shy! We very nearly lost our business some years back due to this happening so please forgive us if we cancel when it’s very windy.

 In the event any such problem stops us working we’ll post it on this page the moment we know of it. Well also post a notice on our Facebook page keeping you up to date. A phone call to us will always give you all the information you need. 

Please refer to this page regularly, or our Facebook page as we will update it as and when necessary.

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