Below is a list of all the locations we visit and the times that we are there.

St Helens
We are situated on St Helens Green car park every Saturday between 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Post Code - PO33 1UJ, What3Words - VESTING.TICKING.DREAM

On Saturday afternoons/evenings between 5 & 7pm  you’ll find us parked on road outside the former Vic's Stores, that now being just along the road on the opposite side from us in new premises.

Post code - PO34 5DZ, What3Words - NYLON.BLUSH.MAJORING

PLEASE NOTE, we operate on a pre-order system here. We will still try to accommodate those ordering on arrival but please be aware if you 'd like fish of any type, without ordering in advance we will probably not have enough on board.

Other menu items may be available but obviously this reduces your choice.

We will be at Chale Green on Wednesdays between 4.45pm - 7:00pm. we're still where we've always been, on the forecourt of what was formerly Chale Stores. Despite this now being two private houses the land at the front is actually Common Land which we have permission to trade from.

We do ask that should you come by car that you show consideration for the residents of these houses.  They are very nice people whom we get along with very well and it upsets us, as well as them, if they aren't able to come and go at will.


We’re in Niton, in the car park adjacent to the Library, every FRIDAY from about 4.45pm - 7.15pm Post Code - PO38 2AZ,  What3Words - TIDY.PROTECTS.JUSTIFIES

Here, more than our other locations, we strongly recommend ordering early! It's not uncommon for our order list to be nearly full by lunchtime so if you choose to order on arrival you may well be asked to return to collect later, toward the end of our time there, when all pre-orders are fulfilled.



We are in School Crescent every Thursday from 4.45pm - 7:00pm

Post Code - PO38 3HW, What3Words - RENDERS.PLOD.UNFOUNDED

Contact us on: 07968 351757