Isle of Wight Traditional Fish & Chips on the move

The Jolly Fryer is a family run business on the Isle of Wight. We’ve been going since 1990 and are still the only mobile business preparing and cooking Fish & Chips the traditional way on the Island. Even after 33 years every day we still peel potatoes, cut our own chips, cut fish and mix batter ourselves.


Since the start we’ve served selected villages on the Island on the same days, at the same times every week. Being mobile has its challenges and we can overcome most but severe weather sometimes beats us – during these times a check here, or on our Facebook page, will tell you if we’re out there working or having to stay at home.


We don’t think of what we do as 'fast food'.
We aren't like other food trucks. We concentrate on quality and service, as such we cook to order and this takes time. Everything nowadays is getting more expensive, Fish and chips are no longer a cheap option and we strive to serve the best. To do this takes time and effort. Below is how we work.


The way we work, after 30 years, has now changed.
We now prefer, and urge you to place, your order in advance. Unlike larger outlets we don’t batch cook in advance. We cook all food freshly to order but despite having the best equipment onboard there’s still a limit to how much can be cooked in any given time – so we need to spread our customers evenly for optimum efficiency. We also have limited storage onboard so to ensure we have all that’s needed this is how we work:
 You phone us as early as possible, no need to wait until the day, orders can be placed from 9am every Monday. About an hour before opening times is the final ordering time to guarantee your order. After that, although we may still have time slots available, we may run out of some menu items. We can’t just “nip out the back” to re-stock!


 We’ll discuss what time you’d like.


 If that time is available, it’s yours.


 If not the nearest to it will be offered.


 You arrive just prior to your time slot and your food will have been freshly cooked for you to collect.


 If you choose to order when you get to us we will still endeavour to help you but if busy with pre-orders may have to ask you to return later on when we have time to cook it and you to collect.


 Orders must be placed verbally! A mutually agreeable time must be arranged and this can only be done by talking to us, so no orders can be placed via texts, emails or voicemail.


 Sorry but we cannot accept electronic payment of any kind, it’s cash or a cheque only.


 PLEASE NOTE, on Saturdays at Nettlestone we cannot take any casual orders placed at the vehicle. For operational reasons we will only serve those who’ve pre-ordered, all orders must be placed by 3pm that day.


We have a 5 star food hygiene rating as issued by the FSA, this has been so since the scheme’s inception.
We have noticed some make a lot of noise about their rigorous cleaning practices post Covid. There’s not much more we could have done when Covid hit – we’ve always cleaned and sanitised daily to the highest degree and have always done a thorough deep clean at the close of business every Saturday. We welcome any inspection at any time.