Private Functions

The Jolly Fryer is available for private functions, events, parties, weddings etc subject to certain criteria.

It’s an unfortunate fact however a product may be produced, when it’s wrapped in any way it starts to deteriorate. The longer it’s wrapped, the worse it will become.

Since we come to you we are not only cooking top quality food but serving it directly to your guests on plates for them to enjoy at its best. We are confident that you’ll not get a better product than ours because of this.

We are pleased to have sourced completely biodegradable plates, cutlery and sundries we use for functions to add to our existing efforts in recycling. Our plates are made from Bagasse, a material derived from sugar cane fibres, cutlery is Beechwood, serviettes and sauce pots paper – all can be composted after use.

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We are always happy to get enquiries about private functions and will always try to work something out where we can BUT, and this is a big BUT, we will not cancel a regular call in favour of a private function. Our section on “Customer Service” on our home page outlines this. So, if you’re about to email or phone us to ask if we’ll come to you we ask, nay beg, that you check where we are and at what time before you pick up that phone or start hitting those keys! (see our location pages for these). Please also take into account that even if your function time appears not to clash with our schedule on a working day it’s generally impossible to traverse the Island, set up, cook, then get back to our next call within a two hour break. We have stopped counting the enquiries from folk who simply don’t read this and it causes us a huge amount of unnecessary emails pointing out what we already have stated. Thank you.

Providing your date fits in with this we’ll also require off road siting for the vehicle, on fairly level ground. Be aware our vehicle is somewhat larger and heavier than the average family car so a normal driveway may not be sufficient!

Operating costs are such that we have to cater for a minimum number of people. This number is slightly flexible according to factors involved and can be discussed on an individual basis. Our menu can be tailored to your individual requirements.

If all this fits within your plans please contact us for further details.

The Jolly Fryer is available for private functions

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