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Private Functions

The Jolly Fryer is no longer available for private functions.


Sadly, after nearly 30 years of being in this business we’ve taken the decision to no longer take on private parties, weddings etc.

We’ve devoted our time to be the best we possibly can by using the best we can possibly get and putting everything into it. We took the decision a few years ago to invest heavily in the best bespoke vehicle of its type in the South of England, by far and away the best on the Island. Yet we are getting inundated more and more with enquiries from those who expect us to cater for them at less than our standard menu prices at very unsocial hours. Even though it costs us more to attend private functions in terms of staff costs and time we’re expected to charge less and, it seems, be grateful for the business.

We’re hurt and very puzzled as to why our type of business should be thought this way when other food business’s seem to be held in much higher esteem. Fish and Chips are what we do. They may not be up there with the Michelin starred restaurants but like all other things in life they can be done properly or badly.  We strive to do them properly. Not cheaply. This all comes at a cost in both time, effort and money. Over the last few years the cost of everything has constantly gone up, Fish is now on a par, price wise, with steak pound for pound. Oil has gone through the roof.

We will not, nor cannot, let our standards slide to cut costs. We’d rather cease trading.

So it is that although we’ll still carry on at our normal venues weekly our private function service has now come to an end. To those who we’ve catered for in the past, and enjoyed doing so, our apologies should you have wanted us again. To those who expect something for nothing, your enquiries ( if you’ve still not bothered to read this) will be directed back to this last line – you are the reason we’ve done this.