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Operating Under Coronavirus Restrictions

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We are open but like so many other business’s we’ve introduced measures to ensure safety for all which are different to the way we’ve always worked.

For over 30 years we’ve taken a mix of phone orders and what we call “walk ups” – those who order on arrival at the van. Since the start of the current crisis we’ve prioritised phone orders over walk ups for safety reasons. Quite simply by allotting times to you all we have fewer people waiting meaning less risk to all. The increase in efficiency in doing this has been quite startling! We are able to get your order ready on time far better than we’d ever imagined.

Strange how something so bad has resulted in such an improvement!

Now we are up to strength with a full staff compliment we are once again able to take walk up orders but there may still be a wait if we’re busy with phone orders. So to ensure the full menu choice and to keep down waiting times we urge you to still phone in advance. Phone lines are open from Mondays at 9am, no need to wait until the day of your choice to order – the earlier the better, but please avoid phoning us during our hours of service.

Below are the times we’d like you to avoid phoning – we are rather busy whilst serving and taking calls slows us down –

Wednesdays – 4.30pm ’til 7pm

Thursdays – 11.30am ’til 2pm & 4.30pm ’til 715pm

Fridays – 4.30pm ’til 7.15pm

Saturdays – 11.30am ’til 2pm & 4.30pm ’til 7pm. 

Any other time from 9am Mondays to 11am Saturdays is fine to phone.

Below are details we need to point out concerning some of the finer points.


  • PHONE ORDERING. Things are slowly getting back to where we were, there’s a way to go yet but we are now able to slightly change our phone ordering system. To ensure you get what you want, when you want it we urge you to continue to order by phone prior to our deadlines. Doing this will virtually guarantee you get exactly what you want, when you want it. If you phone us outside these times we may still be able to help you but your choice of time and menu items may not be guaranteed. Below are the phone order deadlines to guarantee your order.
    • Chale Green (Wednesdays). 1pm Noon on the day.
    • Nettlestone (Thursdays). 10am on the day.
    • Godshill (Thursdays). 12 Noon on the day.
    • Niton (Fridays). 12 Noon on the day.
    • St Helens (Saturdays). 3pm the previous day, Friday.
    • Nettlestone (Saturdays). 11am on the day.
  • GODSHILL.  Currently we are NOT be in our usual place, School Crescent. We are in the car park in the village, opposite The Griffin pub. The IoW Council have allowed us to operate from there in order that people can maintain a safe distance from each other. Our opening hours will, at present, stay the same. If volume of business dictates we may stay longer. Time will tell.
  • NETTLESTONE ON SATURDAYS. At other locations we are only encouraging phone orders. At Nettlestone on Saturdays we are strictly only taking phone orders. This is for Social Distancing safety reasons. We are sorry, but doing things the old fashioned way – arriving and ordering – will result in disappointment. Phone lines are open from 9am Mondays until the deadline of 11am on the day.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING. We will not be marking bays or lines on the ground to indicate safe distancing outside. Logistics simply don’t allow for this. When you walk to us, go for your daily constitutional etc you manage to stay apart from others so please do the same whilst waiting for your order from us.
  • ON ARRIVAL AT THE VAN, before approaching the counter please look for the two pole signs which may be in use. Stand behind these until called forward.
  • PAYMENT METHOD. Well here’s a thing. We take cash. Yep, there, I’ve said it, good old fashioned coin of the realm. We cannot take card payments. We are Dinosaurs whose aim is to reach retirement without succumbing to the ever increasing march of technology. We were brought up in an era where you knew exactly how much you had left by what was  in your pocket so handling real money holds no fear for us. Some things never change…

PLEASE NOTE. We will not take orders via text message, email or voicemail.