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About The Jolly Fryer

The Jolly Fryer has been a feature of Isle of Wight villages for well over twenty years.

Jolly FryerIf you pay us a visit you’ll only ever see us in our truck doing the cooking, serving and taking orders side of the business.

What you won’t see is what goes on behind the scenes.

That side of our business takes up a lot more time than the bit you see when you’re waiting for your food order!

We believe in doing things properly. We could do things the way most seem be  doing them nowadays but this doesn’t fit in with our way of thinking.

We do things right.

To this end we have all the machinery necessary to peel and chip real potatoes daily. In a perfect world every potato would be unblemished and would go straight from peeler to chipper. If only! Once out of the peeler they’re checked over by hand and any further work needed is done before going through the chipper.

We only use Maris Piper potatoes when in season, Maris Bard or Accord in between times – delivered fresh on a regular basis.

We have never used, nor will ever use, frozen or chilled chips.

jfThe fish is cut, batter mixed and all is then loaded onto the truck ready for the day’s work.

We cook everything to order, we believe it’s better to have a small wait knowing what you’re getting has been freshly cooked for you.

Although we obviously clean as we go during our work there are some things, which for practical reasons, have to wait until we get back to our “base”. Once there, all that’s been put aside is taken into our purpose built preparation room where it’s cleaned & sanitised. Caroline tends to get lumbered with that side of things leaving Andy free to get the truck cleaned and shined up ready to start again the next day.

We do a thorough deep clean at the end of every working week. We recently took delivery of our new truck that replaced our previous trusty workhorse of the last 14 years.

That older vehicle left us as clean as the day we took delivery of it 14 years ago.

If we’re good at cooking Fish and Chips, we’re even better at cleaning!

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