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Operating Under Coronavirus Restrictions

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We are open as usual, but like so many business’s we are operating under more stringent conditions.

Let’s try to keep things simple.

We are giving priority to those who can plan ahead and pre-order by phone. By doing this we can smooth the flow of people who come to us thus avoiding queues building up. It’s not rocket science, it just works.

Our phone line is open from Mondays at 9am through ’til 11.30 am on Saturdays. Don’t wait until just before you’re hungry, phone anything you want within reason. You may place your order any day of the week irrespective of when you want to collect but we only accept orders for one week at a time. If you wanted to order weeks in advance you’d need to phone asap that week you require.

Please note, ringing “at any time”  won’t get the best from us late at night. We get a bit crusty after 10pm…

On arrival please read our signs concerning what to do and how to pay. Doing this helps you understand our ways and maintains a safe distance for all.


Below are details we need to point out concerning some of the finer points.


  • PHONE ORDERING. Below are the last times (deadlines) for guaranteeing your order. Please be aware though, if our order book is filled prior to this we may have to close it earlier. These times are only a guide as to the last times we can take your order. The sooner you phone, the better the chance you have.
    • Chale Green (Wednesdays). 2 pm on the day.
    • Nettlestone (Thursdays). 10 am on the day.
    • Godshill (Thursdays). 2 pm on the day.
    • Niton (Fridays).  2 pm on the day.
    • St Helens (Saturdays). 10 am on the day
    • Nettlestone (Saturdays). 11.30am on the day.
  • NETTLESTONE ON SATURDAYS. Although at other locations we are only encouraging phone orders at Nettlestone on Saturdays we are strictly only taking advance phone orders. This is for Social Distancing safety reasons. We are sorry, but doing things the old fashioned way – arriving and ordering – will result in disappointment. Phone lines are open from 9am Mondays until the deadline of 11.30am on Saturday. Attempting to phone us from your car on arrival, outside the vehicle, will not work!
  • UNDER CURRENT REGULATIONS YOU ARE NOT OBLIGED TO WEAR A FACE COVERING WHEN VISITING US. The following is from HM Government website – “you should wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces where social distancing isn’t possible and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet. This is most relevant for short periods indoors in crowded areas”. When coming to us you are not entering our premises. You are outside at all times with ample space to distance yourself from others.
  • PAYMENT METHOD. Well here’s a thing. We take cash. Yep, there, I’ve said it, good old fashioned coin of the realm. We cannot take card payments. We are Dinosaurs whose aim is to reach retirement without succumbing to the ever increasing march of technology. We were brought up in an era where you knew exactly how much you had left by what was  in your pocket so handling real money holds no fear for us. Some things never change…

PLEASE NOTE. We will not take orders via text message, email or voicemail.