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Operating Under Coronavirus Restrictions

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We are open once more from Wednesday 13th May. Inevitably there will be changes to what was once the norm. Please note these changes and understand the need to make them.

  • OUR MENU OPTIONS WILL BE REDUCED. This covers all orders, advance phone orders included. Please note, we are allowed to take orders the old fashioned way – ordering on arrival and waiting but menu options may well be more reduced than for phone orders and longer waiting times be experienced. We want to serve all who come to us and we recognise some are not in a position to be waiting so we aim to fulfill all phone orders first. Once they are done we will do our best to serve those who order at the vehicle but this may mean having to return later.
  • DEADLINES FOR PHONE ORDERS. For operational reasons we need to impose a cut off time for phone orders. These will vary according to locations. Orders phoned in after these times cannot be taken. Please note as there will only be two of us working we cannot answer the phone during our opening hours so plan your call around these. Orders can be placed from Monday to Friday after 9am.  Below are the last times for phone orders.
    • Chale Green (Wednesdays). 12 Noon that day.
    • Nettlestone (Thursdays). 10am that day.
    • Godshill (Thursdays). 3pm that day.
    • Niton (Fridays). 12 Noon that day.
    • St Helens (Saturdays). 3pm the previous day, Friday.
    • Nettlestone (Saturdays). 3pm the previous day, Friday.
  • GODSHILL. For the time being we shall NOT be in our usual place, School Crescent. We shall be in the car park in the village, opposite The Griffin pub. The IoW Council have allowed us to operate from there in order that people can maintain a safe distance from each other. Our opening hours will, at present, stay the same. If volume of business dictates we may stay longer. Time will tell.
  • NETTLESTONE. At other locations we are only encouraging phone orders. At Nettlestone on Saturdays we are strictly only taking phone orders. This is for Social Distancing safety reasons. Phone lines are open from 9am Mondays until the cut off time 3pm Friday. We hope in time this can be relaxed.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING. We will not be marking bays or lines on the ground to indicate safe distancing outside. Logistics simply don’t allow for this. When you walk to us, go for your daily constitutional etc you manage to stay apart from others. Please do the same whilst waiting for your order from us.
  • ON ARRIVAL AT THE VAN, before approaching the counter please look for the two pole signs which may be in use. They will tell you the following –
    • Please wait behind them until called forward.
    • For phone order collections we shall call your name when it’s ready. No need for you to announce your arrival, we’ll assume you’re out there.
    • If you haven’t phoned in advance and are waiting to order, again we shall attempt to take your order when we are ready. Please be patient and wait for us to ask for the next non phoned order to be placed.
    • Phone order collections – when called forward, please place your payment in the receptacle on the counter. If you have the correct amount it will be much appreciated. Please then step back slightly.
    • We shall put your change in the receptacle and your order on the counter, then step back ourselves.
    • Step forward when we’ve retreated and collect your change and food.
    • Repeat every week until we can stop being so impersonal!

All the above is new to us, and you. It won’t work like clockwork to start with, there may be teething problems. Our reason for reopening is not purely financial, we are trying to once again provide the service we’ve done for over 30 years and quite frankly like all business of our type we will not, in the near future, be as profitable as once we were.

But we’re hoping this return may provide a bit of sanity in a rather weird world right now. If at any time we consider it unsafe to carry on, or the Government thinks so we may suddenly close once again. We really hope we don’t have to but you, our customers, can help us by respecting distances and any rules imposed from above.

PLEASE NOTE. We will not take orders via text message, email or voicemail.