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CHIPS                                        Small   –  £1.80         Medium  –  £2.50        Large  –  £3.00


 Plaice fillets are skin on but our Cod & Haddock is skinless.

COD                    Small  –  £3.90       Medium  –  £4.50     Large  –  £5.05

Cod Bites        ( 6  bite size boneless & skinless cod chunks, ideal for Kids!)  – £4.20

HADDOCK                      Small  –  £4.20     Medium   –   £4.95     Large  –  £5.75

PLAICE                                £4.20

SCAMPI   (whole tail)         £5.55

FISH CAKES                        £1.00    (In a bun, with salad & mayo) £1.80

COD ROE                                £1.30

CHICKEN NUGGETS  (whole chicken breast chunks in a batter coating)                              

                                              6pcs  –   £2.28        8pcs  –  £3.04      10pcs  –  £3.80

SAUSAGE                                                                    .90  (unbattered)         £1.00  (battered)

JUMBO SAUSAGE                                            £1.80   (unbattered)      £1.90 (battered)

CURRY & CHINESE PANCAKE ROLLS                  £1.30


We use only premium quality burgers. If our burger prices seem slightly higher than some it’s down to one simple thing – we will not use cheap stuff and don’t apologise for doing so!

We offer standard quarter pounder or half pounder BEEF burgers, with or without cheese.  Filling options, if required, are with relish, tomato sauce or choice of salad (tomato, onion & lettuce) – with mayonnaise if preferred. Prices range from £2.55 (plain 1/4 pounder) to £4.55 for a half pound cheese burger with salad.

CHICKEN BURGERS , whole breast meat fillets, are available at £3.10. Price includes salad & mayo if required.

FISH CAKES in a bun (surprisingly good & very popular) are £1.80. Price includes salad & mayo if required.



BATTERED MUSHROOMS                     £1.90

CHEESE & ONION CHUNKY                 £1.00

VEGE CHEESY BAKE                                 £1.75

PINEAPPLE FRITTER                                   .70

VEGE BURGER                                           £2.70

PEA FRITTER                                                   .95

VEGE PANCAKE ROLL                             £1.30


We also carry a limited stock (due to storage limitations on board) of soft drinks, condiments, pickles etc.

If you don’t see what you want, just ask if we have it.  Then again, if we don’t have it, you probably don’t need it!    


Due to the vagaries of the mobile reception on the Island we are unable to accept credit/debit cards or any other electronic methods of payment. Until such times that we can get a reliable service we have to stick to old fashioned methods – cash or cheques only!