A Night For Lottie

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On Friday 1st March we’ll be at Niton as usual.

This night though will not be for our benefit. We can’t do much but we can cook Fish & Chips so with this in mind we’ve decided everything we take – not just the profit but all the nights takings – will be donated to The Lottie Rann Trust. For those who don’t know Lottie, she’s an 11 year old Niton girl who was struck down by Meningitis whilst on holiday last year. Since then, last April, she’s been in hospitals around the country and is now in a rehabilitation centre in Surrey but is desperate to come home. Lottie coming home also means her family getting back to where they belong as well.

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She’s paralysed from the neck down & wheelchair bound and her Niton home needs a lot of changes made before she can come home. This costs money – over to you now.

On Friday March 1st we want more people than ever before to come & buy Fish & Chips from us. Normal menu prices apply but we’re greedy, we want more. If you can afford it we’d like you to hand over more than the normal price for your dinner. The more you give, the bigger difference it’ll make to the fund so put this in your diary, cancel the beans on toast that night and get to us for some hopefully very expensive Fish & Chips!

If you’ve never been to us before and never come again we’ll not hold it against you. Even if you can’t stand what we cook and want to shout abuse at us you can still come along as long as you fling money along with the abuse. Just get to us that night whatever your reason.

We’ll be in our usual place that night but may stay longer than normal if we’re as busy as we hope to be.


We’re getting a lot of comments suggesting this night could be very busy. In light of this we’ve decided we’ll get to Niton a bit earlier and stay a bit longer than normal. We’re predicting it’ll be very busy between 5pm and 6.30pm. If you’re able to come outside these times it may be better for you. Please don’t avoid us though – remember why we’re doing this!


We’ll now be open from about 4pm and stay until around 8pm that night.

We have also managed to obtain the use of the youth centre, right next to where we are, for this night. This will give you somewhere to shelter whilst you wait (if the weather’s bad) and some of the Rann family are going to be there with hot drinks available. We’re also hoping to have some tables in there and if you wish to “eat in” please tell  us – we’ll then serve your dinner on a plate both for your convenience and so that you get to eat it just as it comes out of the pan – the best way ever!


(Please note, you don’t have to give more than the menu prices. If you pay the normal going rate it still all goes to Lottie, we’ll not pressure anyone to give more than normal – it’s entirely up to you.)