A Night For Lottie, what happened on the night.

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Lottie Rann

We’ve known the the Rann family for quite a few years so when the news came through last year of what had happened to Lottie we, like all who know them, desperately wanted to help. At that time there was no clear cut target to aim any fund raising at.
Recently it was announced she’d be allowed home in the near future but that her Niton home would need serious work done to make it suitable for her disability. This would cost more than was probably going to be funded through grants so The Lottie Rann Trust was started, fund raising being it’s sole aim.  This gave us the ideal opportunity to put our idea into action.

The idea was simple. We get as many people to come along on a given night, persuade them to part with more than the usual cost of their dinner then donate all that night’s takings to the Trust. A straightforward idea in principal but we hadn’t bargained for the determined people of Niton! Without us knowing they’d set out to drum up as much business as possible for us by putting up posters, telling local radio, other local media and good old word of mouth. 

At 4pm prompt our first order went out and it never stopped until just gone 8pm! Caroline and Chrissy were kept busy taking and wrapping orders, I just kept shovelling chips into pans and cooking fish etc.


Lottie Queue

The beginning…

I apparently have something of a reputation for throwing my toys out of the pram when under stress yet sorry to say to those who were waiting for my best Gordon Ramsey, it never happened. The whole atmosphere was such that even I couldn’t get a strop on. Despite our best efforts to keep up we had people queuing for an hour in the freezing night air yet not one moan about it. Everyone there was there to help Lottie. Our suggestion that people might want us to “keep the change” was met with incredible generosity. What some people gave was way beyond our hopes and expectations and underlined just how much the people there have taken to this cause. Most gave generously, some – and we know who you are – went way beyond that. A few Rann family members manned a tea urn and kettle in the Youth Centre hall adjacent to us where hot drinks were available for the weary waiting masses, cakes also, with no money asked – just a tin for donations. Harry, Lottie’s brother, found the secret to keeping me going. He just kept me constantly topped up with Tea. Thanks Harry!                            

Chrissy doing what she does so well!

Chrissy doing what she does so well!



And still they come...

And still they come…

Because of the incredible generosity of those who came, and the same shown by customers from other villages we visit who gave generously in our collection tin, we raised a total of £2322! 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leigh Hunt, fruit & veg merchant, who very kindly donated potatoes (yes, we use real ones!) for that evening and Vectawarm who kept us in gas. TQ, a mainland supplier of ours also helped out. Our intention was to do this evening no matter what but the help we had from these folk was much appreciated.

A Mr Geldoff once to tried to feed the World. On Friday 1st March we probably fed most of Niton. To those who came that night, and others who donated on other nights, you have every reason to be proud of yourselves.

To keep up to date on all fund raising efforts to help Lottie visit their Facebook page at –