The Jolly Fryer Fish and Chips Isle of Wight
The Jolly Fryer Fish and Chips Isle of Wight
The Jolly Fryer Fish and Chips Isle of Wight
The Jolly Fryer Fish and Chips Isle of Wight

Welcome to The Jolly Fryer – Isle of Wight

We are a mobile Fish and Chip business based on the Isle of Wight

We are Caroline and Andy Phillips, we’ve been in this business now for over 26 years and reckon we’re getting the hang of it! Our  vehicle, the fourth we’ve had in our time doing this and now two years old, is better than ever. It’s completely bespoke, a result of all our years getting to know what’s needed and where it needs to be. No expense was spared in fitting out this vehicle as you’ll see from the photo’s.Our vehicle is, without fear of contradiction, the best of its type certainly on the Island, possibly UK wide! This is no conversion from another use – this vehicle was designed and built from scratch for one purpose – to cook  the best possible product as efficiently as possible. It’s no good using the best produce then not being able to cook it properly. We’re not clever enough to know all the secrets of a successful business but firmly believe you get out what you put in. Even after all these years we care what we do. It takes longer but there’s no substitute for doing it right. Our success suggests we are on the right track!

Over the past two years we’ve been entered in Island wide competitions for the best Fish & Chips run by different companies. Both competitions were open to any Fish & Chip business on the Island – not just mobiles. In both we were runners up! Winning would have been great but putting it in perspective, we are a mobile (the only one on the Island and considerably smaller than every other shop) yet we came out ahead of all the others on the Island bar one – we’re rather pleased with that!    

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We visit selected Island villages on a weekly basis; for a detailed list see our “Locations” page. We are available for private functions subject to certain criteria, see the relevant page on this site.

Fish and Chips Isle of WightAlthough we can’t offer a delivery service we do offer a phone order system. Simply phone us with your order and we’ll endeavour to have it ready for your collection at your requested time. You may phone at any time after 9am on any day with your order – no need to wait until the day you need it.

Time slots for phone orders are limited so the earlier you phone, the more chance you have of getting your ideal time slot!

Of course, phoning in advance isn’t your only option. You can still do things the good ‘ol fashioned way – turn up at any of our locations when we’re there, place your order, and we’ll freshly cook your food while you wait.

Please note – because we cook all our food freshly to order there will always be some waiting involved and during busy periods waiting times will lengthen.

We visit five different villages weekly, check our “Locations” page for more details:

  • CHALE GREEN, Wednesday evenings
  • GODSHILL, Thursday evenings
  • NITON, Friday evenings
  • St HELENS, Saturday lunchtimes
  • NETTLESTONE, Thursday lunchtimes & Saturday evenings

We work hard to maintain our standards, as such we have consistently achieved the maximum rating awarded by the Food Standards Agency. This is a national, not just local, scheme which judges all food outlets by the same standards – whether static or mobile – so we’re proud of being up there with the best!

  The Jolly Fryer   The Jolly Fryer

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